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Our own-brand cosmetics

It's all about the ingredients ::

To be able to offer a quite special, optimally compatible skin care to our customers, we have developed our own cosmetic line. Selected, purest components are mixed without addition by preservatives and odoriferous substances in own production and are bottled by hand. Our own range of care products consists of simple, also for sensitive skin, extremely to compatible bases and is tried, tested and enjoyed for many years since a lot of years and popular.

Applications of our range of care products ::

Vitalizing creme: protects und nourishes richly with vitamins
Rehydrating care: protects and moisturises, for all typs of skin
Eyecreme: protects and nourishes ,for the sensitive area around the eyes
Lip care balsam: for sensitiv, dry and chapped lips, only pure herbal components
Cleansing milk: for all typs of skin, even sensitiv
Toning lotion: clarifies and refreshes
Body emulsion: protects and nourishes, for all typs of skin
Handcreme: protects and moisturises

Fragrances from the 17st to the 21st century

Inspired from the old pharmaceutical manuals from the pharmacy museum Winkler the idea appeared, to select carefully, natural ethereal oils of the highest purity and bring them together to unique fragrances. Every single perfume is mixed by hand to a quite special experience of the senses. Our own range of parfums is manufactured using pure essential oils, with no chemical fixing agents. They can be used for body, linen or space and are very popular also as for individual gifts.

Parfums for the senses ::


Frangrances of the 17th and 21st century

Creations of perfume following old recipes and new inspirations. Every fragrance is mixed gy hand, from purity highest on selected, natural ethereal oils coordinated each other.

Frangrances à 50 ml
EUR 12.50 to 18.00